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Lionstone’s investors are valued partners.  They have honored the firm with their trust. They have come to rely on Lionstone’s consistent long-term performance and ability to communicate effectively.  The firm has maintained successful relationships with key investors over many years by understanding their objectives and providing them with excellent service. As a privately-held company, The Lionstone Group relies on the continued goodwill of investors for its success.

Existing Investors
The firm is dedicated to finding and managing investments to create consistently high risk-adjusted returns for our investors. Lionstone does not employ a marketing staff. The firm believes outstanding performance is the best marketing strategy. Lionstone is constantly striving to improve its communications, performance and service to investors.

Future Investors
Currently, Lionstone has over 20 institutional investment partners. This limited cadre of quality investors has the capacity for significant future investment, therefore, the firm is not actively seeking additional capital for its existing strategies.  For more information on investment opportunities, contact Glenn Lowenstein at 713.533.5864 or

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